For the SISL championship, also in 2010, see 2010 SISL Cup.
2010 Devine Cup
2010 Devine Cup logo
Event Devine Cup
Freeport won 3–0 on penalties.
Date 28 November 2010
Venue Dawson Bowl, Dawson
Attendance 112,105
Weather Rain, 35°F

The 2010 Devine Cup was played on November 28, 2010, at the Dawson Bowl in Dawson, Duwamish. The match determined the winner of the inaugural Devine Premier League season. This was the first edition of the Devine Cup and the match was won by Freeport Sounders FC, who defeated Illuliaq FC 3–0 in a penalty shootout after a 3–3 draw. Illuliaq's goals

Illuliaq entered the tournament as the champions of the Eastern Conference, defeating the Winchester Hawks and Empire FC before upsetting defending champions White Star. Freeport defeated the Bremerton Bison and Dawson Ducks, both from Duwamish, and later RV Thistle to advance to their first championship. A record 112,105 attended the match at the Dawson Bowl, the largest crowd to watch soccer in Duwamish live.

Road to the finalEdit

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The Devine Cup is an annual international soccer competition that determines the winner of the Devine Premier League (DPL). The tournament was restructured from the previous tournament in Spring 2010 in the SimSports International Soccer League (SISL). Both finalists were original members of the SISL and neither have gone to a SISL Cup. The tournament began in the conference quarterfinals, an aggregate home-and-away series, then advanced to the one-game conference semifinals and final before the Devine Cup.

Illuliaq FCEdit

Illuliaq FC of Lisieux finished tied for third place with the Winchester Hawks FC in the Eastern Conference, behind White Star and FC New Chandler. The team was seeded against the Winchester Hawks for the first round and won 1–0 away on a late penalty in the 89th minute after a Winchester player was red carded. In the following home game, they won 2–0 to advance 3–0 on aggregate to the conference semfinals. They hosted Empire FC in the conference semifinal and won 2–1 off a direct free kick in the 89th minute. In the Eastern Conference Final, Illuliaq defeated defending champions White Star 1–0 with a late goal in the 2nd minute of stoppage time to advance to their first Devine Cup.

Freeport Sounders FCEdit

The Freeport Sounders FC of Escambia finished in second place for the Western Conference, behind RV Thistle. The Sounders were seeded against the Bremerton Bison FC and tied 2–2 away before winning 2–1 at home to advance to the conference semifinal 4–3 on aggregate. In the conference semifinal, the team traveled to the Dawson Bowl, host of the Devine Cup, and won 3–2 on penalties after a 4–4 draw against the Dawson Ducks FC. In the Western Conference Final, Freeport defeated RV Thistle 3–2 on penalties after a 2–2 draw to advance to the Devine Cup.


Venue selectionEdit

Dawson Bowl daytime

Dawson Bowl was selected to host the 2010 Devine Cup.

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Match detailsEdit

28 November 2010
20:30 PST
Illuliaq FC Flag of Lisieux 3 – 3
Flag of Escambia Freeport Sounders Dawson Bowl, Dawson
Attendance: 112,105
Reeves Soccerball shade 67'[]'90' Benji Soccerball shade 45+2'
Nkufo Soccerball shade []'71'
Reeves Soccerball shade cross
Soccerball shade cross
Soccerball shade cross
0 – 3 Soccerball shade Saathoff
Soccerball shade
Soccerball shade
Illuliaq FC
Freeport Sounders FC


Illuliaq FC Freeport
Sounders FC
Goals scored 3 3
Total shots    
Shots on target    
Corner kicks    
Fouls committed    
Yellow cards    
Red cards    

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