Flag of Linktoria
Head coach Brad Wesson
Captain Alexander Gray
Top scorer Alexander Gray
Home stadium Linktoria Birds Nest
AIFF country code LIN
Ranking 15 (24 October 2010)
First international
Flag of Jumaane Jumaane 3–2 Linktoria Flag of Linktoria
(Jumaane, WCF; 17 June 2010)
Biggest win
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria 3–0 New Chandler Flag of New Chandler
(Candalla, Tongolia, CCF; 2 July 2010)
Biggest defeat
Flag of Rhodes Rhodes 3–0 Linktoria Flag of Linktoria
(Callatis, Tongolia, CCF; 6 July 2010)
World Cup
Appearances 1 (2010) (First in 2010)
Confederations Cup
Appearances 1 (2010) (First in 2010)

The Linktoria Men's National Soccer Team has represented Linktoria in international football competition since June 2010.


The Linktoria Mens National Soccer Team began playing in the AIFF in the 2010 AIFF World Cup in Jumaane, they played in the opening match and lost to later champions Jumaane, Alexander Gray and David Jones Callaway were the only 2 scorers in the tournament with the only 2 goals in that game. In the Confederations Cup they picked up thier first international win against New Chandler 3-0 with a goal by L.U Sabathia, Dale Bonnet, and Jim Braun. In the AIFF Club World Cup only 2 loses and one tie, first was a 1-1 tie against Rhodes FC 1-1 with Alexander Gray with the goal fo Linktoria. Game 2 was a 2-0 loss to Centreburg FC. In 6/18 Lisieux vs Lisieux Game 3 they lost to Lisieux FC 2-1, Alexander Gray had yet another goal in that game and were done. Linktoria gets set for a friendly on Spetember 15th against Central Texas, then on September 20th and 23rd they get set to play Cincinnati home and road. In September Linktoria will compete in the first Linktoria SEGA Invitational with 7 other teams. On September 15th Linktoria will get set to play Central Texas at the Linktoria Birds Nest, on September 27th Linktoria will travel to Chihiro and play Petrova. In October they will play in New Chandler at the 2010 Tropics Cup following the tournament Linktoria will play in Duwamish at the Dawson Bowl on the 15th and will play on home turf on the 18th against Duwamish. In November they will play in the 1st annual Kalama Winter Cup in Duwamish.

On October 29th, Linktoria traveled to Karsem and won 1-0, Alexander Gray scored at the 73rd minute and in the 81st minute a fight broke out between Linktoria's L.U Sabathia, oldest guy on team at age 26, and Karsem's Muchlis S. But Linktoria was pumped and won 1-0. On October 30th, Linktoria traveled to powerhouse Duwamish, Gray struck again with goals at the 9th and 35th minute and Linktoria upseted Duwamish 2-0. Afterwards, Linktoria fans ran onto the field and celebrated with the team. In the 2010 Linktoria SEGA Invitational, Linktoria finished 3rd in Pool A and did not advance.

2011 Edit

Linktoria kicked off their 2011 campaign with a Friendly on January 30th at Lake Newport, they played top-10 ranked Rorysville with 103,000 people attending the game, but lost 4-0 wiht 4 goals by Rorysville's Maxime Frechette. They came in 10th ranked in 2011.

2010 AIFF World CupEdit

Team Pld Pts
Flag of Jumaane Jumaane 37
Flag of East Rockcoast East Rockcoast 37
Flag of Shushtrepistaz Shushtrepistaz 34
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria 31

2010 AIFF Confederations CupEdit

Team Pld Pts
Flag of Tongolia Tongolia 39
Flag of Rhodes Rhodes 36
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria 33
Flag of New Chandler New Chandler 33

2010 AIFF Tropics CupEdit

Team Pld Pts W L D GF GA GD
Flag of Puget Duwamish 39300514
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux 36210422
Flag of Toso Arroyo Toso Arroyo 3102124-2
Flag of Linktoria Linktoria 3102104-4

May 2010 SimlympicsEdit

In the May 2010 Simlympics, Linktoria finished 1st in Pool C, Calioshre finished 2nd, Lower Columbia was 3rd, and Japan finished last. In the Quater-Finals, Linktoria defeated Tongolia 3-0. They then advanced to the Semi-Finals, Arcacia beat Linktoria in a close 2-1 battle. The road was not over yet, but in the Bronze Medal Match Petrova beat Linktoria 2-0. Linktoria had a great tournament in the Simlympics.

August 2010 SimlympicsEdit

Linktoria managed to continue on finishing 2nd behind powerhouse Escambia in Pool B, Arcacia was 3rd, and Ventiseri finished last. Linktoria w as out beat by New Chandler 2-1 in the Quater-Finals.


No. Position Player
1 Flag of Linktoria GK *Zach Torp
9 Flag of Linktoria MF *David Jones Callaway Vice-captain sports
00 Flag of Linktoria GK *Keith Kelly
61 Flag of Linktoria MF *LeRoy Arroyo
12 Flag of Linktoria DF *Jim Braun
99 Flag of Linktoria GK *Eddy Grayson
43 Flag of Linktoria MF *Dallas St. Louis
15 Flag of Linktoria FW *Dale Bonnet
89 Flag of Linktoria MF Scotty Gray
38 Flag of Linktoria MF France Nix
52 Flag of Linktoria DF *L.U Sabathia
No. Position Player
13 Flag of Linktoria DF *PJ Papis
19 Flag of Linktoria DF *Kerry Thomas
68 Flag of Linktoria DF *Aaron Issac
11 Flag of Linktoria FW *Ivan Maza
66 Flag of Linktoria DF Gary Nix
91 Flag of Linktoria MF *Derrick West
31 Flag of Linktoria DF Billy Vegas
37 Flag of Linktoria FW *Gary Fredson
41 Flag of Linktoria FW Lake Player
83 Flag of Linktoria FW *Alexander Gray Captain sports
34 Flag of Linktoria DF Percy Carey
98 Flag of Linktoria MF *Luke Vegas
  • =Plays for FC Linktoria


Schedule and Recent ResultsEdit

Top Scorers Edit

Rank Player Name Position Goals
1 Alexander Gray ST 9
2 David Jones Callaway MF 3
3 Dale Bonnet ST 2
4 L.U Sabathia DF 1
5 Jim Braun D 1

Rituals and Team Fun Edit

Fun things and rituals for Linktoria are always fun! Every time they score usually the team dances and celebrates to any song! When they win Linktoria fans run onto the field and celebrates with the team. Before every game, the team huddles up and dnces sing the Mighty Mighty Linktoria song!


Gray: Everywhere we go!

Team: Everywhere we go!

Gray: People wanna know!

Team: People wanna know!

Gray: Who we are!

Team: Who we are!

Gray: So we tell them!

Team: So we tell them!

Gray: We are Linktoria!

Team: We are Linktoria!

Gray: Mighty, Mighty Linktoria!

Team: Mighty, Mighty Linktoria!

Gray and Callaway: No ones gonna stop us!

Team: LETS GO!